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A fun, unique, and motivational way to improve the reading skills of children of all ages


Our book collection is not designed to replace existing language programs, but to supplement them by filling the gaps in the child’s repertoire of skills, thereby improving their overall performance in language-related areas.

Program content is based on the belief that adequate word attack skills and sight vocabulary are prerequisites for a child to be able to concentrate unhindered on the real task of reading, i.e. to extract meaning from print.

The challenge, however, is not simply to identify a series of skills which need to be learned, but to present them in a manner which is fundamentally different in style to that which they have experienced before. The approach must be intensive, systematic and must be seen by the student as relevant to his or her needs.

It is with these criteria in mind that the programs have been designed.

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"I work as a parent helper in a program at our school. My 10 year old son is in the program and despite the best efforts of his teacher he has continued to fail in reading. The school started to use your program this year and the breakthrough for my son has been wonderful. His progress has been beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for putting the spark back in my son's eyes." (Maria W. Dandenong)

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Does your child need additional reading support? Fun new novels to read?

Find out how our tried and tested reading programs produce fantastic results in a home setting as well as at school.

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