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A portrait photograph of Heather Harvey, the founder of the program. She is smiling at the camera. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes and is wearing a leopard print short sleeved t-shirt.

Heather Harvey


Heather Harvey spent the first 10 years of her teaching career teaching in Infants and Primary Schools where she taught at every level from Kindergarten to grade 6. As a young teacher she was often given the classes that ‘nobody else wanted’ and very quickly developed an abiding interest in reading problems.

In 1973 she was appointed to The Entrance High School as one of the first secondary Remedial Reading Teachers in the state. In 1974 she introduced Literacy Classes for Adults at The Entrance Evening College. Heather Harvey commented, ‘It was this contact with adult non-readers and an appreciation of the burden of shame which they all felt, which determined my future path in teaching. I wanted to make sure that students at my school didn’t slip through the net.’

In 1977, the author completed a Diploma of Special Education externally at Mitchell C.A.E. and followed it up with a Bachelor of Education (specialising in Special Education) at Charles Sturt Uni. in 1991.

In 1992 she published a set of Intensive Reading Programs For Secondary Students which received critical acclaim from teachers, educators and parents alike. These programs are now being used in every state of Australia from small outback schools to the largest exclusive private schools.

The addition of novels, activity books and audio at each level of the Primary Program means there is always a book the student can pick up and read or listen to, and resources that teachers can rely upon to reinforce necessary reading skills in a structured, relevant and enjoyable fashion.

The publication of a series of secondary novels and activity books means that reluctant and failing teenage readers have a novel they can look forward to reading. In fact the mother of a 13 year old rang recently to say she had ‘caught her son reading a book at 7 o’clock in the morning!” Her surprise was due to the fact that firstly her son was never up that early, and secondly she had never seen him read a book. The book in question was “Grudge Match” and her inquiry was, “Are there any more books like this and where can I get them?”

A photograph of founder Heather Harvey with two of her grandchildren. They are sitting on a blue sofa. The two children are each reading from a novel from the program.

The demand for the Intensive Reading Programs written and published by Heather Harvey resulted in her resigning from her full time STLD position at The Entrance High School in 1996 and concentrating fulltime on her publishing business while at the same time fulfilling an ever increasing number of speaking engagements, ranging from staff inservice and development days in both state and private schools, lectures to Special Education students, to conferences at local, regional and state level.

These days Heather is enjoying her retirement surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has taken up golf and gardening. Although enjoying this life she remains involved with the business and provides support and advice on a regular basis. Nothing pleases her more than knowing her work continues to help children and brighten their future.

A portrait photograph of director Corinne Harvey. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a white dress.
A portrait photograph of director Julie Parks. She has medium length blonde hair and blue eyes and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a sleeveless navy blue blouse.

Corinne Harvey and Julie Parks


Corinne and Julie took over administrative control in 2017. They are degree holding women who between them have 9 children. Being educated mothers they wanted nothing more then to give their respective children the best start to their education. They both strongly believe that to have a successful future is to be educated, and reading is the key to starting the education journey. Julie and Corinne have both felt the frustration of teaching their own children and realise that all children are different and will learn at their own pace. However, they also recognise that teachers and parents play a critical role in a child’s ability to harness their potential. That is why they are so passionate about this business and helping the children of our future.

A photograph of both directors, Corinne Harvey and Julie Parks. They are sitting at a table looking at the books from the program.