IRP – Secondary Student Workbook D – Years 7 and 8

Intensive Reading Programs




Product Description

Recommended age group: Years 7 and 8

Student Workbook D is designed to be used in conjunction with the Teacher’s Manual for Intensive Reading Programs for Secondary Students by H. Harvey (1992, Revised 1997). The manual describes the student for whom Program D is designed and outlines the method and teaching strategies appropriate to students at this level. 

Reading Program D is a 10 week program consisting of subject specific units of work in Science, Computers, D&T, Art and English. Programs C and D have the same format as other programs except for the absence of reading rules. The program provides students with comprehensive subject related vocabulary, allowing them to focus on topic content.  Units can be treated in special reading class or within faculty area.  Suitable for Years 7-8. 




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  • Height: 1 cm
  • Age Group: Years 7 and 8

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