IRP – Secondary Teachers Manual – Reading Age < 8.6 - 10.6

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The Teacher’s Manual describes the student for whom each level of the Program is designed, and outlines the methods and teaching strategies appropriate to students at each level. This Manual includes the complete program which is divided into four sequential levels. Each level is designed to be completed in one term.

Program A is a 12 week intensive reading course designed for the secondary student who can read basic text, but who lacks the skills and confidence to cope with more complex reading tasks. It is suitable for students from Year 7 to Year 11.

Program B is a 15 week intensive reading course designed for the secondary student who has severe reading difficulties, and is unable to cope with most of the reading demands of high school. It is best suited to Year 7 and Year 8 students, although is still appropriate for older lower ability students.

Program C is a supplementary 12 week intensive reading program. It focuses on the reading component of our different subject areas: Geography, History, Health/P.D. and Mathematics. It is written for students in their first year of high school.

Program D focuses on the vocabulary of Science, Visual Arts, Design & Technology, English and Music at the Year7/8 Level.


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